Praise for The Trial

Richmond Times Dispatch by Jay Strafford: “Too many thriller writers are content to showcase their plotting skills while creating cardboard characters, but not Thompson. You’ll care about Luke and Samantha and their friends, you’ll find Chuck Nimitz the epitome of what a judge should be, and you’ll despise Alfred Kingsbury for the contemptible greedhead he is.

And “The Trial” raises serious issues about the pharmaceutical industry and the federal government’s oversight (or is it it overlook?) of the meds we ingest for so many health problems. With this entertaining novel, Thompson has created a double whammy: a thief of sleep as you turn the pages and a fount of fear as you take your next prescription pill.”

Booklist Review by Don Crinklaw: “…a spirited thriller…The long trial scene is gripping, even when you guess how it ends. The prose is spare and gin-clear, but there’s a pulse underneath, and fans of legal thrillers will likely lose some sleep.”

Literary Guild describes The Trial:  A pharmaceutical giant’s disregard for human life spurs to action a small-town lawyer in Larry D. Thompson’s stunning courtroom drama, The Trial. Luke Vaughn’s rage stems from the fact that, unbeknownst to him, his daughter, a rebellious teenager, volunteered for a clinical drug trial that’s left her in desperate need of a liver transplant—and he can’t afford it. So Luke decides to make the culprits pay, and he chooses to do so in the venue he knows best…the courtroom. When Luke discovers what he suspected all along—that the drug company and the FDA knew the pill carried potentially lethal side effects—he thinks the case is won. But his adversary’s prescription for silencing the opposition calls for bribery, kidnapping…and murder.

“Larry Thompson’s THE TRIAL is just terrific: a big contemporary theme, insider legal insights, a tight, gripping plot, and characters that live and breathe. As real as a heart attack and every bit as suspenseful.” – New York  Times Best Selling Author John Lescroart, Dismas Hardy series

“The Trial by Larry Thompson is not only fascinating but explosive with true insider details about both the law and medicine. With characters you’d want for your neighbors, the story will touch you, teach you and rivet you to the last page. ” — New York Times Best Selling Author Gayle Lynds, The Book of Spies

“Larry Thompson has written a bright, feisty, smart legal thriller drawing on his three decades as trial lawyer. Plenty of sizzle and clout from a plot that unwinds similar to speeding down a slalom course. .  He certainly has the touch.” — New York Times Best Selling Author Steve Berry, The Paris Vendetta

“Hooked me from the first page… A fast paced, gripping story with characters you can root for- and against-, twists, turns and surprises.” — New York Times Best Selling Author Carla Neggers

“I couldn’t put The Trial down. It’s a riveting court room thriller, and the tension just keeps building. Wonderful!” — New York Times Best Selling Author Louise Penny

“This might be the perfect thriller for our times. Larry Thompson’s stunningly powerful and emotionally-wrenching book combines the best of Michael Crichton and Robin Cook with a hefty touch of John Grisham.  Call it a prescient treatise on the collusion of science and business.  Call it the first ever bio-legal thriller.  I call it flat-out great!” – Jon Land, Strong Justice

“Thompson paints an all too real and frightening scenario of corporate greed and malfeasance. With vivid, sympathetic characters and multiple plot twists. I read The Trial in one day.” – New York Times Best Selling Author,  Robert Dugoni, Bodily Harm

“A stellar thriller and Thompson’s best book to date. Complex, compelling, convincing and all too real, you will have a hard time putting this book down. It’s not just the pacing – which is breakneck, or the plot which is utterly riveting, it’s not just the realism and know how that only a real lawyer can but it’s the characters who you care about and root for and who touch your heart.” International Best Seller, M. J. Rose

What you don’t know about the big drug companies can kill you! Ripped from today’s headlines, THE TRIAL is a classic David and Goliath tale of a small town lawyer fighting the incestuous relationship of a giant pharmaceutical company and the FDA. In a fast-moving legal thriller, Thompson jerks down the curtains shrouding the drug industry in this country.

A veteran trial lawyer, Larry D. Thompson has drawn upon decades of experience in the courtroom to craft page-turning legal thrillers. Thompson, a one-time journalism major who used his talent in writing to excel at The University Of Texas School Of Law, is now managing partner of the Houston trial firm he founded. His biggest inspiration both in life and literature is his late brother, best-selling author Thomas Thompson.